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Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera

Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Load image into Gallery viewer, Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Load image into Gallery viewer, Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Load image into Gallery viewer, Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Load image into Gallery viewer, Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Load image into Gallery viewer, Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Load image into Gallery viewer, Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Load image into Gallery viewer, Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Load image into Gallery viewer, Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Load image into Gallery viewer, Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Load image into Gallery viewer, Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Load image into Gallery viewer, Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Load image into Gallery viewer, Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera
Load image into Gallery viewer, Serviced 1940's Vintage Heuer 2443 Chronograph Valjoux 72 Pre-Carrera

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Having a love for complications and complicated watches, makes me love Chronograph watches. At first two register chronograph for simplicity of the dial and providing chronograph functionality for the most. Then the three-register chronograph for the complication of movement and the history of the movements, like of the iconic Omega Ref. 321, Ref. 861 (used in famous moon landing), Zenith El Primero, Venus mostly used in Breitlings, Landeron, and one of the most well-known movement makers Valjoux. With their famous Valjoux 72 put in the vintage Rolex Pre Daytona’s and of course the big dog Patek Philippe reference 2499 using Valjoux 88 my favorite which sold in auction for $3.30 Million in 2018.  I also love the Heuer Caliber 11 first micro automatic chronograph movement with date.

A Chronograph is simply a watch that combines the function of a stopwatch with a timekeeping display watch, by utilizing an independent sweep second hand. Chronographs often have complications on the face of the watch which can be used to record different time measurements, moon cycles, heart rate and more. Chronographs have usually have a separate buttons to stop, start, and reset (unless it is an monopusher) the stopwatch complication, with the start button typically at the two and four o’clock position.

The name Chronograph is derived from the Greek words ‘Chronos’ – the personification of time – and ‘graph’, meaning to write. The first modern Chronograph was created in 1816 by French watchmaker, Louis Moinet. Invented solely for use in union with astrological equipment, Moinet’s Chronograph could measure time accurate to 1/60th of a second – an unrivaled degree of precision at the time of its creation.

"poor man's" Heu-ers represent an interesting facet of Heu-er's history and also provide a sensible way for individuals to collect these chronographs on a more reasonable budget. The term "Poor Man's Heu-er" only to refer to chronographs manufactured by Heu-er for other brands one of which is Zodiac & Clebar, which is one of my favorite brands. Please note on ebay there are few brands that are not made by Heu-er and still refer to as Poor man which is not true. Vintage Heuer 2558 Chronograph AD

Experts Watches Vintage Heuer 2443

This is a lovely and clean example of a circa early 1940s Heuer Reference 2443 chronograph, often referred to as a “Pre-Carrera”. They were made in a variety of sizes and came in 2 or 3 register set-ups, and formed the basis for the iconic Carrera line.  This particular example is powered by the legendary Valjoux 72 movement, which was also used in the later Heuer Carrera and Autavia watches, and features an exceedingly rare Techymeter dial, with Arabic numerals. 

 One of the rarest of  the Valjoux 72 version smiliar to REF. 345, and  2543. This version is the White Dial; Radium Numerals and Hands; Tachymeter Scale which the Techymeter version is very rare. The case appears unpolished with normal wear and nice sharp edges.  The dial shows some wear and aging, has lots of patina .  Original radium lume on dial and hands, with some loss to the minute hand.   Watch is running & fully serviced, chronograph starts, counts down, stops, and resets to 12.

For more reading on the history of these watches, head on over to On The Dash website.

This is a beauty. It is very rare to find a watch this old. Defiantly a collector watch. Please look at all the pictures, as they are part of the description. The watch is working and Serviced. This is a highly collectible watch. Very few left with this rare movement. Sure, to increase in value overtime, and a great addition to your collection. The condition of the watch is the same as it appears in the photos.   The watch is working and is part of our new Certified Pre-Owned CPO.  Contact me if you have any questions first.




Brand: Heuer  -  Model: 2443 Pre-Carrera  -  Circa: 1940’s


Stainless Steel Case and Case Back.

Case Size

≈  35,00 mm without the crown and ≈  42,50 mm Lug to Lug

Case Back

Stainless steel cover signed,  Snap on.




Acrylic Some Scratches


None. Inner Tachymeter on the dial


Under U.V. light inspection shows good Luminous hands & numbers & indices dial, Swiss made Mark. Some of the lum is coming off on the minutes hands. Dial has turn to more darker color due to sun and age.  Shows lots of patina and spotting. Please see picture for more detail.


Seconds, Chronograph, Tachymeter



Movement Notes

Just inspected and in great shape. Fully Serviced and Overhauled on 1/2020 $800 Service. Come with a Service Warranty!  Please see pictures and as some old movements don't have a very clear marking. Movement is running. Keeps great time see below time testing.


Alligator Leather  Lug Size≈18mm      Please see picture.


Come with Beautiful Vintage Style Box. Or Experts Watches Pouch

Reference #


Made in


Water Resistance

No. Please pressure test before water use.

Service Level

1 on 1/2020    (Please see Tab below for details) Please keep in mind when comparing serviced watches with none serviced watch.  Price is at least $800-$1200more based on complications. Since old watch are like old cars you never know what you gone get.

Timing Test **

+14 s/day  In-House Time Test Results (See Service Level Tab)**

Certified Pre-Owned

Passed 25-point inspection. Please see tab below for details.


3-Month Service Warranty (Please see Tab below for details)


All watch functions tested and operable. Circa Early 1940's


Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Watch Program

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Experts Watches Certified Pre Owned Luxury Watches

Certified Pre-Owned Luxury


My passion of collecting watches has led me to vintage watches, where the passion turned to an obsession. Given that each vintage time piece and watch has its own history, which is part of the story, character, history, origin, and charm. It is hard to evaluate them under the same scope.  I have been lucky to work with a lot of collectors, watchmakers, watch brands, and be a co-founder of Watch Collector Group. This has helped me to create a new standard in Pre-Owned Watches, Especially Vintage Watches. It is my pleasure to introduce our Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Collection by Experts Watches. A 25-point inspection check list. Which is always evolving and improving. 

Experts Watches Certified Pre Owned Luxury Watches Logo

Last thing I want as a seller, is to sell a watch and have it come back or worst, have an unhappy customer.  That is why this was introduced our CPO program. To take the time and review the watches and provide a detailed presentation of the watch. We take a lot of time to provide these details so please review it. I know some dealers do not want to take the time since time is money and finding problem cost you more money. But when you do things out of passion, the rationality goes out the door. Please note I have some watches over 90 years old, and some newer watches.  Clearly, they are all different from each other but get tested nevertheless to provide our customer a clear snapshot of the watch. 

Experts Watches Certified Preowned Vintage Watches

Please see some of our steps:


Alignment of All Hands

Bezel Rotation

Examination of Dial

Date / Day / Month Change

Plating of Crown and Pushers

Dial Centered

Rapid Date Function

Crown Screwing & Unscrewing

Cleanliness of Crystal & Flange

Chronograph’s Function: Start, Stop, and Reset

Shaking Movement of Second & Chronograph Hands

Cleanliness of Case & Bracelet

Test Pushers

Movement Screws

Movement Inspection

Chronograph Hour Drift Counter

Watch Caseback Closing

Oscillating Weight’s Freedom

Chronograph Minute Drift Counter

Luminescent Points on Dial & Hands

Mechanical Watch Demagnetization

Chronograph’s Function: Seconds Recorder Jump

Hands Cleanliness & Conformity of Hands

Timing Analysis Test

Rest of All Hands

Personal Notes

Service Levels



Based on type of the watch not all steps are necessary, and they will be NA. List for Mechanical Watches. Any exception will be listed in our SPECIFICATION section.


EW Certified Preowned Vintage Watch Program by Experts Watches Banner

Get the Latest News on the Latest EXPERTS WATCHES Certified Pre-Owned Luxury 



Shipping & Payment Information

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Shopping on EXPERTSWATCHES.COM is Safe & Secure


Our goal is to provide our customer safe and secure shopping experience. That is why we have taken the Steps to provide a more secure experience for your safety.

All credit card purchases are covered by our Safe Shopping Guarantee


Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, your bank cannot hold you liable for more than $50.00 of fraudulent charges. If your bank does hold you liable for any of this $50.00, we will cover the liability for you, up to the full $50.00. We will only cover this liability if the unauthorized use of your credit card resulted through no fault of your own from purchases made on our website while using the secure server.

In the event of unauthorized use of your credit card, you must notify your credit card provider in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures.


Security and Information Storage


EXPERTSWATCHES.COM automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to ours using the Transport Layer Security protocol (TLS) with an encryption key length of 2048-bits. Once your information reaches our server it is encrypted and stored in a digital vault, resistant to the most sophisticated attacks. We used number one leading eCommerce solution which offers one of the industry leading security and safety.


To further ensure our customers protection credit card data is never stored on the server. Through a variety of technologies, credit card information is verified and processed in an enclave and once finished automatically scrubbed from the server. This process ensures your security and privacy are never at risk. This assures no one can every see your credit card information.


Types of Payment options being offered


Our goal at EXPERTSWATCHES.COM is to offer the most secure, safe and easy way for our customers to purchase their Watches, Vintage Watches, Watch Accessories, Watch Straps, Watch Tools and Watch Essentials. That is why we offer the most versatile and verity of Payment & Check out options.  And we are always looking to expand our offering to make purchase even easier. We offer Amazon Checkout, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, and Venmo plus Credit Card options through American Express, Dinner Club, Discover, JCB, Visa, and MasterCard. Please  Contact US if you wish to make Payments by Check, Money Transfer, Zelle, PayPal Friends or Bank Wire Transfer EXPERTSWATCHES.COM offers a 3% discount to customer paying via this method. Please contact use via our Contact Page.

International Shoppers


Our goal at EXPERTSWATCHES.COM is to eliminate fraud and our customer safety that is why all international customer need to  Contact US first and provide payment via Payments by Check, Money Transfer, Zelle, PayPal Friends or Bank Wire Transfer EXPERTSWATCHES.COM Please contact use via our Contact Page.

Wire transfer and check orders cannot be processed online and must be placed over the phone or email. You will be provided with your order information, emailed instruction and details. Wire transfers or checks are recommended for orders placed without access to a credit card. Please notify us after the anticipated wire transfer date so we may check our records for your payment. Only after payment is received your order will be shipped. We will notify you with all the details.

Please Note: Credit card payment can only be processed  on the credit card from accepted countries after proof of address and credit card in position. (Name on the card, last four digits, and CVV proof and address proof) 






For our customer safe, security, and to prevent fraud, all timepieces will be shipped promptly after funds clearing and passing the security checks. All watches are shipped fully insured for the full value of the specific piece. Watches typically ships to you within 1 to 2 business days after order is processed and approved. This can be extended due to high volumes or holidays.




Giving our extensive range of products (Watches, Vintage Watches, Watch Accessories, Watch Straps, Watch Tools and Watch Essentials); and our goal of providing the best value to our customers; we provided different shipping methods based on the value of the item. We do provide FREE Domestic shipping on most watches based on the value of the item only on our website. We have relationship with all the carries such as USPS, FedEX, and UPS.


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We advise our international customers to try tracking the shipment through their local postal service--for example, Royal Mail, Post Nord, Canada Post, La Poste--since once it's made its way through U.S. processing, that's where it will show up next.


Shipment times and speeds outside the USA are not guaranteed.




We do provide FREE Domestic shipping on most watches based on the value of the item only on our website, and shipping outside of the USA is calculated based on weight giving the option of different speeds. Time in transit to destinations outside the USA can vary depending on customs.




All orders shipped to California will incur sales tax.  Orders shipped outside of the USA may incur duties and fees from your local government or from the shipping company.  EXPERTSWATCHES.COM is not responsible for any taxes or fees on outbound or returned products. Please Contact US for information.




We insure all watches that we ship.  If your watch is damaged or lost in transit, please let us know as soon as possible so we can work with the shipping company to get the necessary information to them. This process can sometimes take 30-60 days. Please keep all shipping & packaging material for the claim adjusters.

In the case that packages are lost or stolen, a refund will be issued only upon the approval and payment of the insurance claim. Buyers are responsible for any taxes, tariffs, customs or duties due in the country of destination.


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Sell Or Trade My Watch Process



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Care For Your Vintage Watch Guide

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Experts Watches Vintage Watch Care Guide! Omega 861 Movement



Care for your Watch

Given that each purchase is personal, as a collector. It is imperative to maintain and care of your investment.  We have wide range of customers from collectors who buy watches for next generation to starting collectors who are taking their first steps to the next adventure. In either case maintaining and care of your watch is imperative. 

Helping to keep your watch in its top working order with our watch care guide Do’s and Don’ts of Fine Watch Use.

Mechanical watches are not only by and large more expensive and complex than quartz, they also require a little more care as all mechanical marvels. Usually all movements need some level of servicing from time to time to make sure it is performing at manufacture recommended level. This is an example of our routine service includes the following (Please note factory service will include more steps):

    • Complete disassembly of the watch. completely disassembled, cleaned, oiled, and timed.
    • Clean all moving parts with specialized cleaning solvents.
    • Proper lubrication with only the highest-grade lubricants and oils during the reassembly process.
    • Thorough testing of accuracy. Your watch is tested to our exacting standards of 24 to 72 hours to assure accuracy, water resistance, and proper operation of all functionality. (Overhaul – Lubricants, Gaskets, Sealing, Regulation, MISC testing)
    • The was inside case is marked and dated by the service man.


Please note: Not all the steps above are available for our vintage watches, given different parts or needs (unless it is factory serviced). This is for our newer serviced watches. Most of our timepieces run on manual winding or automatic movements, which are not as accurate as modern quartz. None of our timepieces are guaranteed water resistant. Customary care is always necessary. The information about water resistance will be in the description, since our vintage watches will not meet water resistance levels and we do not recommend watches to be used for water activity, unless it has been tested prior to use. Here are some tips for dealing with these mechanical beauties for new watch owners and reminders for the old hands.


Setting Time:  Please pull crowns gently when setting time/date. Do not force it out!  Turning wheels in one direction whenever possible to set time in clockwise motion only. Try not to set vintage watches counter (reverse) clockwise unless it is for setting date. Please note some watches have screw down crown, especially on sport and diving watches. Which requires unscrewing of the crown first prior to setting. Also, some watch might appear to have two crowns on one side, please do not pull on them till you figure out which is for time setting and which is the other function like alarm or inner bezel. The crown that is winding the watch will be the used for setting the time.

Screw that crown down (and those pushers)!
Always check and double-check to ensure a watch fitted with a screwed-down crown is closed tightly. Screwed-down pushers for a chronograph—or any other functions—deserve the same attention. This one oversight has cost quite a few owners their watches. If a screwed-down crown is not secured, water will likely get into the case and start oxidizing the metal. In time, the problem can destroy the watch.

Date changes: "quick set": Allows the pulling or pushing of crown to change day or date, some allow one to click out [first position] and turn crown to set. Some have to be turned hour hands for 24 hours to advance one day. Do not change the date manually (via the crown or pusher) on any mechanical watch—whether manual wind or automatic—when the time indicated on the dial reads between 10 and 2 o’clock. Although some better watches are protected against this horological quirk, most mechanical watches with a date indicator are engaged in the process of automatically changing the date between the hours of 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. Intervening with a forced manual change while the automatic date shift is engaged can damage the movement. Of course, you can make the adjustment between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in most cases— but this is just not a good habit to get into. When in doubt, roll the time past 12 o’clock and look for an automatic date change before you set the time and date. The Ulysse Nardin brand is notable, among a very few others, for in- house mechanical movements immune to this effect.

Valjoux 72C usage instruction

 Experts Watches Valjoux 72c instructions


Valjoux 88 usage instruction

Working and setting the moon phase device:

Please don’t use the pushers to work the day, month and date indicators between 8 PM and 2 AM or to work the date and moon phase indicators between 10 AM and 2 PM when the automatic jumping takes place.


 Experts Watches Valjoux 88 Instructions

Automatic Winding: Full automatics must be moved up and down counting at least 30 times per double movement before wearing.  do not swing, or fast start a bumper automatic. Most watches have can be manually winded before wearing.

Chronograph use: On a simple chronograph start and stop is almost always the same button. Normally located above the crown, the start/stop actuator can be pressed at will to initiate and end the interval timing. The reset button, normally below the crown, is only used for resetting the chronograph to zero, but only when the chronograph is stopped—never while engaged. Only a “flyback” chronograph allows safe resetting to zero while running. With the chronograph engaged, you simply hit the reset button and all the chronograph indicators (seconds, minutes, and hours) snap back to zero and the chronograph begins to accumulate the interval time once again. In the early days of air travel this was a valuable complication as pilots would reset their chronographs when taking on a new heading—without having to fumble about with a three-step procedure with gloved hands. Nota bene: Don’t actuate or reset your chronograph while your watch is submerged—even if you have one of those that are built for such usage, like Omega, IWC, and a few other brands. Feel free to hit the buttons before submersion and jump in and swim while they run; just don’t push anything while in the water.

Changing time backward: Don’t adjust the time on your watch in a counterclockwise direction—especially if the watch has calendar functions. A few watches can tolerate the abuse, but it’s better to avoid the possibility of damage altogether. Change the dates as needed (remembering the 10 and 2 rule above).

Overwinding: Never wind your watch to maximum spring tension.  By twisting the watches crown with the thumb and forefinger in a clockwise fashion. You wind your watches mainspring.  the crown will spin both directions in set mode yet will only wind one direction in wind mode. Never wind a vintage watch to its maximum position. Gently wind the crown ten times. When winding begin slowly till you feel resistance then stop.  Don’t force!  Most modern watches are fitted with a mechanism that allows the mainspring to slide inside the barrel—or stops’ it completely once the spring is fully wound—for protection against over winding. The best advice here is just don’t force it. Over the years a winding crown may start to get “stickier” and more difficult to turn even when unwound. That’s a sure sign it is due for service. 

Water Resistance:  Do not swim or take shower with your watch on unless it has been approved for water use by EXPERTS WATCHES. Unless stated for use in water do not use in water. Majority of vintage watches can’t be used in water. Please pressure test all watches prior to using in water.

Water resistance ratings for watches are often presented in either metres, or ‘ATM’ meaning ATMosphere. This is also sometimes referred to as ‘BAR’. What this rating is indicating is the static pressure that the watch can withstand.

For example, let’s take a watch with a water resistance rating of 30 metres. This does not mean that the watch can be worn to underwater depths of 30 metres. This depth is the equivalent of 3ATM, or 3 BAR, and means only that the watch is resistant to three times the static atmospheric pressure at sea level.

As the atmospheric pressure increases, there are particular points of a watch that can become prone to failing such as gasket seals (“O” rings made from rubber, nylon, or other materials), the crown, or even the caseback itself. Should any of these parts fail and allow water to enter the inner workings of the watch, then this can cause irreparable damage.

There are some mitigating features that can be incorporated into watches to defend these points, such as the gasket materials used, a screw down crown or a crown protector (both of which should always remain locked when coming into contact with water), and the screw-down caseback option as opposed to sapphire crystal.

There are environmental factors which can further effect the performance of these, such as the age of a watch and corresponding wear-and-tear, the temperature of the water and any chemicals present (such as chlorine), or even just a rapid change in pressure from diving or jumping into a pool.

Usually anything under 30 Meter or 3 ATM, like vintage watch should be exposed to any water.

    • 30 Meter or 3 ATM: Washing of hand, small splashes, or Rain.
    • 50 Meter or 5 ATM: Above plus, Showering, which is not recommended.
    • 100 Meter or 10 ATM: Above plus, swimming light snorkeling.
    • 200 Meter or 20 ATM: Above plus, more active snorkeling and swimming, possible light scuba check with manufacture.
    • 1000 Meter or 100 ATM: Above plus, Scuba Diving.


Shocks: Do not wear your vintage time piece while working with tools such as hammers or vibrating tools. Keep your watch away from magnetic devises, even antimagnetic. Almost all modern watches are equipped with some level of shock protection. But vintage watches are not made with same level of casing and protection. It is always a good practice to avoid shocks at all cost, unless the watch is design for it, one example are Ball watches.   But if your watch is running poorly—or even worse has stopped entirely after an impact—do not shake, wind, or bang it again to get it running; take it to an expert for service as you may do even more damage. Sports like tennis, squash, or golf can have a deleterious effect on your watch, including flattening the pivots, overbanking, or even bending or breaking a pivot. Please note vintage watches were made in the 50’s were not with same level of shock protections.
temperature: Do not leave in High temperatures. Don’t Leave in a Car. Don’t jump into the Jacuzzi—or even a steaming hot shower—with your watch on. Better-built watches with a deeper water-resistance rating typically have no problem with this scenario. However, take a 3 or 5 atm water-resistant watch into the Jacuzzi, and there’s a chance the different rates of expansion and contraction of the metals and sapphire or mineral crystals may allow moisture into the case.
 If your watch is acting up, running faster or slower, it may have become magnetized. This can happen if you leave your timepiece near a computer, cell phone, or some other magnetized device. Many service points have a so-called degausser to take care of the problem. A number of brands also make watches with a soft iron core to deflect magnetic fields, though this might not work with the stronger ones.

Crystal Care


    • Mineral glass: Cannot be buffed out. Can scratch, the toughest of all crystals. (some experts watch makers can have diamond buffers to buff. Usually easier to change)
    • Sapphire Crystal: Cannot be buffed out. Is clearer than any other crystal but shatters easy.
    • Hardlex/Coated: Cannot be buffed out. Can scratch, scratches less than mineral crystals.
    • ACRYLIC Plastic: Though this is the least appreciated crystal, it is the best since scratches can be buffed out, experienced jeweler can buff it out


Cleaning:  Do not use chemicals or cleaners.  Use a damp soft cotton cloth to clean your vintage watch. Pay attention to case back. If you every get water into your watch please take it to a watch maker right away. Please note some of the watch cases have been plated so they do not deal well with cleaning.

Tribology:  When storing your Watch, place watch with face up. Never place your watch on its side.  Keeping a mechanical timepiece hidden away in a box for extended lengths of time is not the best way to care for it. Even if you don’t wear a watch every day, it is a good idea to run your watch at regular intervals to keep its lubricating oils and greases viscous. Think about a can of house paint: Keep it stirred and it stays liquid almost indefinitely; leave it still for too long and a skin develops. On a smaller level the same thing can happen to the lubricants inside a mechanical watch.

Service: Most mechanical watches call for a three- to five-year service cycle for cleaning, oiling, and maintenance. Some mechanical watches can run twice that long and have functioned within acceptable parameters, but if you’re not going to have your watch serviced at regular intervals, you do take the chance of having timing issues. Always have your watch serviced by qualified watchmaker. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance. 

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