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Rolex Marconi Watches

MARCONI 1911 Hans Wilsdorf ‘s vision to register the Marconi name in January 1911— before he officially patented the Rolex name on the 15 November 1915 — was the a gem of Rolex marketing brilliance.

In 1901 Gugliemo Marconi successfully demonstrated the first use of radio waves as a means of communication. In 1909, Marconi was awarded the Nobel prize for physics and his business had become a great commercial success. Radio communication was ” state of art technology” and this was very exciting to the general public.

Hans Wilsdorf believed that by registering the name MARCONI for Rolex watches he would immediately associate his ground breaking watch technology and engineering with the ground braking innovation and progress of of MARCONI’ radio Waves. The Rolex Marconi was thus born and production took off in the 1920’s.

MARCONI LINE 1920 Only the very best movements that Rolex could manufacture were utilized for the Marconi line. Rolex did not place the Marconi name on standard Rolex models but actually on the most expensive lines; lines that were limited production models for customers whom price mattered little and quite literally wanted the best of the best. The expense necessary to acquire a MARCONI reflected the enormous amount of work and detail that went into each one.

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The majority of these Marconi watches were sold through a very small group of Fine London Jewelers whose customers could afford the high prices.

In addition, Rolex made signature Marconi models for other unique World Renown Fine Jewelry and Watch Dealers such as Quervo Y Sobrinos Habana in Cuba.

Ultimately It was the MARCONI with it’s hand crafted and assembled movements and the fine attention to detail that forged a legendary reputation for accuracy and reliability and established Rolex as the finest wristwatch maker in the world.

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