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5 Tips Tricks for Buying Vintage Watches Online - Experts Watches

5 Tips Tricks for Buying Vintage Watches Online

There are plenty of ways to upgrade a watch, but we've narrowed it down to just 5 that we think are worth your time.


What’s the story behind that watch?


Many people wear watches as an accessory because they believe they look good and make them appear more sophisticated. However, the story behind a watch is often more interesting than you might think.




First Wrist watch made for the queen



Breguet's most brilliant innovations, and indisputably one of his most useful – the wristwatch. This should have been completely ignored by his contemporaries. And yet there is documentary evidence to prove beyond any doubt that, in response to a commission from the Queen of Naples June 8th, 1810. Breguet conceived and made the first wristwatch ever known, the Breguet watch number 2639.


Queen of Naples June 8th, 1810


With the acquisition of thirty-four clocks and watches from 1808 up to 1814, the ambitious and very beautiful Queen of Naples easily took pride of place among Breguet's best clients.



Tips for Vintage Watches


1. When purchasing a vintage watch, it is important to know what you are buying. Make sure to get a copy of the watch’s certificate of inspection.


Experts Watches - CPO Luxury Certified Pre-Owned Watches


2. It is also important to know the condition of the watch. A good rule of thumb is to buy a watch that is in good condition, not a watch that is “as is”. Check out our Guarantee


3. Be sure to have an accurate measurement of your wrist when shopping for a vintage watch, since vintage watch were made smaller than modern watches. When shopping for watches on bracelets check the size. You can always add a strap to your watch for more elegant look. They are making larger size straps to accommodate all wrist sizes.


4. When buying a vintage watch, it is important to have a knowledge of the different movement types. Service level, some collectors like to pay extra for serviced watches, while other like untouched watches. You can always contact Experts Watches for best choice for you. We also provide service for your watch as well. Plus Certify our watches with most comprehensive inspection. Shop by movement


Vintage Watch Movements


5. Finally, it is always best to have an understanding for vintage watches and how to care for them. Vintage watches are more delicate and can be damaged if not treated properly. Please check our vintage watch care guild.


We also have a Vintage Watch Guild.

I hope you enjoy all the blogs we have, for the brief history of vintage diving watches Click Here!

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