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Experts Watches 20 mm Perlon Watch Strap Braided Nylon Band Vintage Style Colors

Regular price $14.99

Color: Black / Cream

Only 1 in stock

Experts Watches Adjustable Perlon Watch Strap Braided Nylon Band Vintage Style Colors


What Is Perlon Watch Strap?

The Perlon watch strap has been around since the 1960’s and is a popular way to give your timepiece the vintage feel. Perlon straps are very durable and 100% waterproof as they are made from braided Perlon Nylon. Which is a type of fiber that is manmade. It is also called nylon 6.

Benefits of Perlon Straps

Perlon watch straps are known for its durability, given they are weaved together and is a strong material. very flexible & form fitting. Which makes very comfortable to wear with your watch. The unique braided weave makes them breathable, which makes them so comfortable to wear during hot weather. Please note: Perlon bands do not have stamped holes for buckles, making them easy to adjust for a perfect fit.

Our Perlon Strap are great fit for Rolex Submariners, Seadwellers, Explorers II 2, GMT along with Omega SpeedMaster and many other fine timepieces. I love it on my Vintage Watches, easy fit, and easy replacement. Change colors and get a different look. Try all the colors.

Products Details

Perlon watch band with Multi Colors (Watch Strap only, watch and bracelets are not included)

Please pick your Size & Color

This are adjustable bands and use Plaited synthetic fiber with stainless steel buckle. High quality, durable, water resistant

Band Width: 18 mm, 20 mm, 22 mm

Band Length : 245mm-265mm

Thickness: 1.40 mm

Works Great with Vintage Watches, Vintage Fixed Lugs watches. 

For this Perlon Watch Straps, as it's high elastic, when you pull the width in two directions, it can get longer and can be up to 2mm wider, please note this and consider it before you buy.

Please note due to the process of making the Strap the shades of the band could very a little from the picture.


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