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Belocia Double Watch Winder Mahogany Wood w/LCD Dispaly w/Japanese Mabuch Motors

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This is Used with very limited use, please see photo. Just the winder and adapter.  Has marks, chip and no key, i dont think ever come with key but not sure. Has chip in the back, see picture. The little bit of wood lacquer has come out, this is used and being sold as with imperfection.  one of the best winders for the price.

Manufacture Description

This watch winder will rotate your automatic watch to set direction and set Turns Per Day (TPD) to keep it wound. It has five different TPD settings: 650, 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, with intermediate rest cycles to eliminate potential stress on watch movement. It rotates clockwise counter-clockwise, or alternates in between. The winder will repeat its cycle every day, without intervention (as long as it is on). Functions: •LCD display for settings. •Touch control board. •Optimal 8 turns per minute motor. •UL approved AC power adapter.
  • Case material ebony wood piano finish with multi-layers of polyurethane
  • Case size W10 x H7 x D7.5 inches
  • Power electric 110-240V
  • Rotation clockwise, counter-clockwise auto Alternate

LINE: Indicates active turntable. MODE: Indicates rotation direction. TPD: Indicates to number of Turns Per Day. Numbers displayed indicates active turntables.

Operation Help

Pull watch holder out of turntable drum, Wrap your watch around it and place it back.
Plug the AC adapter to the wall outlet and the other end to the back of the watch winder.

Left and right arrows will let you navigate between functions, once a function starts flashing that function is active. 

Up and down arrows will let you change settings for selected function. Center button will turn the turntable on or off (need to hold it after each motor is set). If a number is showing in the numbers display section the square on the right means the turntable is active.


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