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1960's Zenith Defy 2542 PC Watch Movement Automatic - Dial - Hands Crown Running

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1960's Zenith Defy 2542 PC Watch Movement Automatic
Dial  Hands and Crown

This is the first 'DEFY', known as Urdefy (prototype Defy) it was made in very limited version in this movement.  This movement was used in legendary Zenith Sub Sea Diver referance a3637. This used with Octagonal case ref A3642.  Dial has the raised Zenith logo, Signed original crown,  Silver baton markers, Date aperture at 4:30 o'clock and Silver hands. 

In January 2022 Zenith have just remade first-ever DEFY Reproduced as a limited edition of 250 pieces in stunningly accurate detail using the original production plans from 1969, the DEFY Revival A3642 brings back all the details and singular design elements that made the original so outstanding in its era and how it established the codes that continues to inspire modern DEFY references.

Calibre: Zenith 2542 (per my understanding is the 2542PC) Seems it is missing the second hand. Just need a case.

Looks to have a Screw down crown (The crown and stem for zenith sub sea divers sell over $500)

Size: About 31.80mm with movement holder and dial about 28.50mm just an estimate. 

Condition: USED. Running Keeping great time about +18 sec per day. which is great.

AboutFrom a watchmakers collection, has been in storage for many years.

Below WEB Date is for reference only. 


11.5''', Dm= 25.6mm, Do= 26.0mm

H= 3.9mm

F= 1.4mm

T= 2.0mm

17 jewels

f = 21600 A/h

power reserve 50h

Balance staff U3478

Stem W2936 / W3378

normal / waterproof


Zf781, 1.25 x 10.0 x 0.12 x 290mm


1.30 x 0.80 x 0.20mm


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