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Experts Watches Premium Watchmaker Strap Removing Spring Bar Tool Extra Heads

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Experts Watches - Premium Watchmaker Travel Strap Removing & Changing - Spring Bar Tool


For the hardcore strap aficionados, we carry a premium alternative to our basic spring bar tool. Easy to put in your pocket and for travel. After getting our hands on the Experts Watches spring bar tool, we knew we had to stock them in our store.

This tool carries the essentials: A small forked tip at one end, and a small pusher tip at the other end. You'll use the forked tip for watches without lug holes, and the pusher tip for watches with drilled lug holes.

One of the coolest features of this tool is that the anodized aluminum body includes threaded on caps at each end to protect the tips when you aren't using the tool. Just in case you like to change a lot of watch strap, we included an Extra set of replacement heads, and a carrying case.

This way we can meet all your watch strap & bracelets changing needs.


Color: Black

Shape: pen type

Length: approx.130mm

Features two tips: V-edged flat blade and push-pin (extra replacement heads one each)

V-edged Diameter:1.4mm

push-pin Diameter: 0.8mm


Swiss versions are Bergeon 7050-603 6767 6111 3153


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