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Certified Pre-Owned Watch Program

Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Watch Program

Experts Watches Certified Pre Owned Luxury Watches


Certified Authentic Pre-Owned Luxury Watches


My passion of collecting watches has led me to vintage watches, where the passion turned to an obsession. Given that each vintage time piece and watch has its own history, which is part of the story, character, history, origin, and charm.

It is hard to evaluate them under the same scope.  I have been lucky to work with a lot of collectors, watchmakers, watch brands, and be a co-founder of Watch Collector Group. This has helped me to create a new standard in Pre-Owned Watches, Especially Vintage Watches.

Our CPO Program - Certified Authentic Pre-Owned Vintage & Luxury Watches by Experts Watches. A 30-point inspection check list. Which is always evolving and improving. 

The Certified Authentic Pre-Owned Luxury program will promote consistent customer satisfaction by evaluating areas of each timepiece. If necessary, watchmakers perform a full movement service and overhaul the watch’s movement is taken apart and inspected before being cleaned, lubricated, regulated, and put back together. Worn or broken parts are replaced using only original manufacture parts. 



Experts Watches Certified Pre Owned Luxury Watches Logo

Last thing I want as a seller, is to sell a watch and have it come back or worst, have an unhappy customer.  That is why this was introduced our CPO program.

We take the time to review each watch and provide a detailed presentation of the its condition. That is why we are a top 1% vintage watch seller on the web. Since I know inform customer make the best choices, please review our specification section.

I know some dealers do not want to take the time to check each watch given the time it take and cost of finding problems. But when you do things out of passion, the rationality goes out the door.

Please note I have some watches over 90 years old, and some newer watches.  Clearly, they are all different from each other but get tested nevertheless to provide our customer a clear snapshot of the watch. 


Experts Watches Certified Preowned Vintage Watches


Please see some of our steps:


Alignment of All Hands

Bezel Rotation

Examination of Dial

Date / Day / Month Change

Plating of Crown and Pushers

Dial Centered

Rapid Date Function

Crown Screwing & Unscrewing

Cleanliness of Crystal & Flange

Chronograph’s Function: Start, Stop, and Reset

Shaking Movement of Second & Chronograph Hands

Cleanliness of Case & Bracelet

Test Pushers

Movement Screws

Movement Inspection

Chronograph Hour Drift Counter

Watch Caseback Closing

Oscillating Weight’s Freedom

Chronograph Minute Drift Counter

Luminescent Points on Dial & Hands

Mechanical Watch Demagnetization

Chronograph’s Function: Seconds Recorder Jump

Hands Cleanliness & Conformity of Hands

Timing Analysis Test

Rest of All Hands

Personal Notes

Service Levels



Based on type of the watch not all steps are necessary, and they will be NA. List for Mechanical Watches. Any exception will be listed in our SPECIFICATION section.


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EXPERTS WATCHES Certified Authentic Pre-Owned Luxury Watch Program is in the news


We are making New by our Program: As seen in,,,, JCK, Fox Business, BPAS, many more.

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