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NEW Christopher Ward Watch C65 316L GMT Worldtimer V1 Edition Yellow Warranty

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This is a Sold Out Edition very Rare Christopher Ward Watch C65

Warranty 60 months from 7/1/2022

Not the strap in above picture but what is posted in the listing.

C65 GMT Worldtimer V1

41mm   Black/Yellow   Automatic GMT   Black Canvas Webbing  

Reminiscent of the slim dive watches worn throughout the 1960s, this new addition to the C65 collection swaps sandy beaches for stylish airport lounges with its GMT and worldtimer functions – the first time both have appeared together in a CW release. The C65 GMT Worldtimer captures the excitement of the blossoming jet-setting era, its yellow and black tool watch looks underpinned by a Swiss-made Sellita SW330-2 movement.


Sellita SW330-2 Automatic

Made by one of the most respected names in Swiss watchmaking, the SW330-2 is a true ‘GMT’ movement.


This means that it has an extra hand that follows a 24-hour path around the dial. It can be changed by the wearer – using an exterior bezel – to set the time in another time zone.


The SW330-2 also has a date wheel, plus an anti-shock mechanism that helps it maintain accuracy even when it receives knocks and jolts.


Meanwhile, its seconds hand will sweep smoothly at a satisfying eight ticks per second.



  • SKU S65-41AGM1-S0KK1-WK
  • Watch Model C65
  • Size 41mm
  • Dial Colour Black
  • Case Material Stainless steel
  • Case Colour Silver
  • Bezel Colour Black/Yellow
  • Height 12.05mm
  • Lug-to-Lug 47.1mm
  • Case Weight 71g
  • Weight inc. Strap 96g
  • Water Resistance 15 ATM (150m)
  • Movement Sellita SW330-2
  • Power Reserve 56 hours
  • No of Jewels 25
  • Complication Type GMT
  • Vibrations 28,800 p/hr (4Hz)
  • Timing Tolerance +/- 20 sec p/day
  • Lume SLN T-C1 A GL
  • Strap Size 22mm
  • Strap Material Canvas webbing
  • Strap Colour Black


Some of the most handsome timepieces ever made are the sports and travel watches of the 1960s. The C65 Trident range riffs on the watches of the period, and the latest release, the C65 GMT Worldtimer, is perhaps the most ambitious yet.

“This is an ultra-cool watch,” says Christopher Ward CEO and co-founder Mike France. “GMTs and worldtimers are all about the explosion of global travel in the 1960s when it became useful for people to know the time in more than one time zone at once. Remember Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can? This watch is in the spirit of that era.”

Not that it’s a backwards-looking piece in any way. Indeed, not only is this the first of the C65 range to go down the GMT worldtimer route, it offers several other firsts too. It has a screw-down crown, which is new to the C65. It uses a dramatic black-and-yellow colour scheme – sort of like a bionic bee – which Christopher Ward has never played with before. And it has a bi-directional bezel, long-awaited and beautiful to operate.

Three essential points worth looking at in more detail. First, that crown. “We want to introduce more screw-down crowns to the C65 family,” says CW head of product design, Adrian Buchmann, “bringing that extra bit of security and quality to each watch. You don’t need one for a watch to be water-resistant – thanks to double gaskets and clever case construction, it can be safe to dive to 150m without it – but people like them anyway.”

Then, the colour scheme. “One of my favourite dive watches is the IWC Aquatimer, which came in a brilliant black-and-yellow version,” says Mike. “It’s a wonderful combination that we’ve never used before.”

The brand new bi-directional bezel. “This is a feature that a good GMT watch really should offer – it makes using the watch much easier – so we’ve listened to people and introduced one here for the first time,” says Mike. “It helps that the C65 bezel works differently to the one we have on the C60 range.”

The standard GMT indication here is inside the watch underneath the crystal, not outside on the bezel, which is now home to the Worldtimer tool.How does this work? Well, a GMT watch offers a second hour hand on the watch face that rotates once every 24 hours (exactly half as fast as the other hour hand) and points to a second time scale that reads to 24 instead of 12, here located on the inner edge of the watch dial. This can tell you the time in a second time zone (home, say, as you travel away from it), and as it’s showing all 24 hours, there’s no way to get confused as to whether it’s day or night there. With the worldtimer function, you can track all 24 time zones across the world at once, each indicated by a city name. 


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