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Vintage Watch Repairs (Review First before posting)

vintage-pocket-watch-repair Vintage timepieces hold a lot of emotion with their owners and often these rare pieces are irreplaceable, that is why we offer vintage watch repair and vintage watch restoration. Our expert horologists have over 30 years’ experience in the watch mending industry and use our passion and drive to offer you vintage watch repairs through our unique postal service. Your luxury vintage timepiece will be looked after with a great deal of care and attention to detail during its antique watch restoration or repair. Whether your time piece needs a simple battery replacement, full mechanical service or quartz conversion we have the skills to restore your watch back to health. Contact us today for all your vintage watch repairs and watch restoration needs. Expert Vintage Watch Repair and Restoration vintage-watch-dial-restoration Every item we own, whether it be a car, house or watch needs maintenance as it gets older and without proper maintenance and repair your much loved time piece may not work for as many years as it should. Having your antique watch restored is a great way to retain both its emotional and monetary value. Repairs by Post are an established vintage watch repair centre in Manchester. We offer a convenient online watch repair service which allows you to send your vintage or antique watch to us; we fix it then send it back. We offer full watch restoration services and cover all luxury vintage watch brands. We offer; Accurist vintage watch repair. Bulova antique watch restoration. Roamer vintage watch repair. Rolex vintage watch repair. Rotary antique watch repair and service. Breitling vintage watch repair. Hamilton vintage watch restoration. We are antique watch repair specialists who have over 30 year’s horology experience. We can restore your antique pocket watch or vintage wrist watch ranging from issues such as replacement hairsprings to full watch restoration. How does Repairs by Post Vintage Watch Repair Service work? Send your item for our antique watch repair using the free and secure Royal Mail Tracked Returns® Service or Special Delivery (value dependant) Your item is safe and protected. Using Royal Mail Tracked Returns® Service or Special Delivery, your item is safe and secure. There are various ways you can send us your items, depending on the value of your item and what is easiest for you. We will either send you a link to print off an address label. Royal Mail’s Tracked Returned Service is insured for £100, this method of postage is free. Should your item be more we will send you a secure Royal Mail Special Delivery postal pack. This envelope is already insured for up to £500 at no cost. Should you wish to increase the insurance (up to £10,000) you can do so at the Post Office for a small charge. Alternatively we will ask you to send the item for vintage watch restoration or repair directly to us, ensuring you have packed it with care. We can arrange for a courier collection for special rare watches Common Antique Watch Repairs Some of the common vintage watch repairs that we undertake at Repairs by Post are: Case refurbishment Replacement Crown Dial Restoration Mechanical service Quartz Conversion Pocket watch repair Vintage Hamilton watch restoration Wind up watch repair Replace pocket watch crystals Hamilton pocket watch repair Watch refurbishment restoring-vintage-watches Vintage Watch Repair Tips Vintage Watch Crown Replacement If your vintage watch is missing the crown it should not be worn, but as a temporary measure any crown that fits can be used as a short-term safety measure. Did you know that there are thousands of brand new vintage period spare crowns in circulation today thanks to the way watch parts were once sold? It simply wasn’t worth the salesman’s time to sell watch parts individually so they were always sold in threes. Are you looking for Omega vintage watch repair or Bulova watch restoration? Contact the experts at Repairs by Post. Antique and Vintage Watch Glass Replacement Each watch tells a unique story and this is especially true of rare vintage watch repairs. Badly damaged glass should always be replaced to protect the interior of the mechanism. Failing to do this might affect the value of your antique watch. We offer pocket watch glass replacement and vintage watch dial restoration should damage occur. Vintage Watch Movement Repairs If your vintage watch works it should be cleaned when you send it to us for antique watch repair. If you opt for full mechanical watch service or pocket watch service then the whole movement will be cleaned using a specially formulated liquid. Antique Watch Part Replacement If we have to replace any of your vintage watch parts then we can offer you the old components back once the watch is restored. This will show you what historical elements have remained and watch parts have been replaced. However, this mat decrease its value if you’re looking to sell your watch after antique watch restoration as it shows how much work the watch has endured. Watches made in the Twenties, for example, sometimes included spare parts like mainsprings and glasses from new. Rare finds like these should always stay with the watch. Vintage Watch Dial Repair The value of a vintage watch often lies in its appearance, so if your vintage watch dial looks less than perfect this is nothing to worry about. To remedy an aged dial the whole thing would need to be painted which is not necessary as evidence of aging can be valuable. You can specify when you have your vintage watch restoration undertaken if you’d like the dial restored or not. Antique Watch Hand Restoration When having your vintage watch restored by Repairs by Post it will be cleaned thoroughly and any dirt will be washed away from vintage metal hands. If you have luminous hands then they shouldn’t be restored as the vintage paint won’t withstand the cleaning process. The old radium paint no longer glows in the dark, so if you replace it with new luminous paint, it will be obvious what has been done, and the watch won’t appear so original. Our vintage watch refurbishment aims to restore your watch to a believable aesthetic. Vintage Watch Dial Restoration Dial restoration is the renewal of the watch dial by specialists takes approximately four weeks. It is an intricate process and involves cleaning and preparation treatment. After this is complete we apply the text and number as the final touch. Vintage Watch Bezel Repair A faded bezel can be an appealing part of the vintage watch aesthetic; it shows evidence of its age and journey. If your vintage watch repair needs a replacement bezel this shouldn’t impact on the value of the watch. We are experts at restoring watches and endeavor to bring our passion for horology to your antique watch repair Antique watch Case Restoration Over polishing a vintage watch is a sure way to decrease its value. We offer specialist watch polishing skills and understand that over-polishing can be detrimental to a watches’ water resistance. We keep watch cleaning and polishing to a minimum so as not to cause any unnecessary damage to your vintage timepiece. Vintage Watch Strap Replacement and Repair We offer metal bracelet cleaning but leather straps are not water resistant and have often been replaced a number of time before your antique watch reaches us for repair, we aim to rescue vintage watch buckles however, as these can be transferred between straps. Repairs by Post Vintage Watch Restoration Vintage watches are often timeless, invaluable and irreplaceable which is why we strive to restore your vintage watch to its original working order: “We understand and appreciate how connected our customers are to their watches, including their vintage watches and so we do our very best to repair them within their budgets and time scales. It can, at times, be very emotional- but it’s why I love what I do!” explains Jonathan Goldstone, director of Repairs by Post Vintage Mechanical Watch Service and Pocket Watch Service Vintage wristwatches by one of the famous makers from the golden age of Swiss watch making have the potential last multiple lifetimes and often act as beloved heirlooms that can be passed through several generations. As with all precision instruments vintage watches require systematic maintenance to ensure they remain in working order for as long as possible. What happens during a vintage watch service? Our horologist will examine every aspect of the vintage timepiece to pinpoint any areas that require replacement or repair The inner components will be specially lubricated in order to minimise friction that leads to excess wear. The balance wheel will be tested expertly to ensure it’s perfectly precise and keeping time as it should. If your watch has a Quartz mechanism we will change the battery as standard. The watch strap will undergo with specialist cleaning and examination of wear and tear; any parts that are damaged will be refurbished or be replaced. Finally, the mechanism is carefully reassembled and reattached to your watch’s strap with every seal replaced. The vintage timepiece will be methodically tested one last time to ensure the seals are absolutely water tight. Specialist Conversion of Mechanical Vintage Watches to Quartz We can restore your vintage and antique watches, if your watch is worn beyond repair, a watch conversion might be just the solution that will bring it back to life. Repairs by Post can offer vintage watch repairs that convert mechanical timepieces to quartz. This will make your antique timepiece work more accurately and become a more reliable piece of time keeping equipment. Why have your mechanical watch converted to quartz? If a vintage watch is beyond repair there’s no need for it to sit in a drawer gathering dust. Quartz watches keep time almost perfectly and will allow your watch to work as new. Your watch will look the same on the outside, but will have a quartz internal movement. There is no need to wind your watch as quartz mechanisms just require standard watch batteries. During your mechanical to quartz conversion your watch will undergo our thorough cleaning. We offer extensive testing before returning your repaired vintage watch to you. Vintage Watch Repair – The Quartz Conversion Process antique-watch-repair Please be aware the process can devalue a timepiece but will allow many years of pleasure and wear ability. Our expert horologist carefully remove the hands and dial from the mechanical movement. We then put movement in a sealed box which is then returned to you. Next, we choose appropriate quartz movement to be fitted in the watch. We match day/date window if possible – or select day/date to be shown permanently Then we position new movement securely in watch case using new/modified spacers. Next we fit the original winding crown/hands (or nearest equivalent if not possible). Finally, we fit back of watch and then test for water resistance. Maintain the Health of my Vintage Watch – how to avoid vintage watch repairs Temperature Avoid your watch being exposed to rapid changes in temperature, both hot and cold as this could lead to your timepiece needing premature antique watch repairs. The movement can be damaged if exposed to temperatures above 60 degrees so avoid leaving your watch in high-risk areas where direct sunlight shines in. Protect your Watch from Shocks and Vibrations Don’t wear your watch during events where it could receive bumps or knocks. This could affect the inner workings of the mechanism and bracelet. Remove your vintage watch and keep it in a safe place before undertaking any sporting activities or heavy physical work. This will minimise the risk of it being damaged and having to undergo vintage watch repair. Avoid Water and Dust Damage to Protect your Vintage Watch When wearing your antique or vintage watch always ensure that the crown, which is used to change the hands/date, is properly pushed in and/or screwed at all times. Failing to do this might lead to dust and water entering the mechanism and damaging the timepiece. If this occurs, send it to our vintage watch repair centre for antique watch repairs. Avoid Chlorine and Salt Water If your antique wrist watch or pocket watch comes into contact with chlorinated or salt water you should rinse it immediately with clean tap water then dry with an absorbent cloth. Failure to do this can result in the delicate mechanism corroding.

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