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Certified Pre-Owned Watch Program

metal code

AB Platinum + 18k Yellow Gold DN Two-Tone Plated 10Y OA Plated 40M Yellow on Steel
AT Platinum DP Steel, 18k Pink Gold PA Plated 40M Yellow on Steel, Steelback
BA 18k Yellow Gold DR Bezel 18k Pink Gold on Steel PE Miniature Clock
BB 18k Pink Gold DS 14k Yellow Gold Bezel on Steel RP Silver Plated 40M Yellow
BC 18k White Gold DX Two-Tone Plated 10M Yellow RS Silver 0.925
BD 14k Yellow Gold ED Plated 10M 2NIB SC PVD Grey
BF 14k White Gold EF Plated 10M 1N14 Steelback SE PVD Yellow
BG 9k Yellow Gold EX Plated 10M 1N14 SI Steel + Titanium
BJ 18k Multi-Colored Gold FD Plated 80M Yellow SO Oxidized Steel
BK Gold, Bezel Steel FE Plated 80M Pink SR Chromium-Plated Black
BL 9k Pink Gold GD Plated 80M Yellow Steelback ST Steel
BP 18k Pink Gold GF Plated 80M White Steelback SU Steel, Aluminum Ring
BR Two-Tone 18k Gold Yellow-Pink HG Plated 40M Yellow TA Titanium + Gold Case and Bracelet
BT 18k Yellow Gold + Titanium HH Plated Two-Tone 40M TB Titanium + Pink Gold Bracelet Titanium + Pink Gold
BU 18k Yellow Gold, Bezel Aluminum JD Plated Two-Tone 40M TD Titanium + Plated 20M Yellow, Brac.: Titanium + Pl. 10M
CD 14k Yellow Gold Cap JE Plated 40M Pink Steelback TE Titanium + PVD Yellow
CE 14k Pink Gold Cap KD Plated 20M Back 40M White TI Titanium
DA 18k Yellow Gold + Steel LD Plated 20M 2N18 TL Titanium/Tantalum + 18k Pink Gold
DB 18k Pink Gold + Steel LE Plated 20M Pink TR Titanium + Pink Gold Titanium Bracelet
DC 18k White Gold Bezel on Steel LX Plated 20M 1N14 TT Titanium + Palladium Titanium Bracelet
DD Steel + 14k Yellow Gold MD Plated 20M Yellow Steelback TZ Titanium + Pink Gold Bracelet: Gold Logo
DE Steel + 18k Pink Gold ME Plated 20M Pink Steelback UT Chromium-Plated
DF Steel + 18k Yellow Gold. Steelback MF Plated 20M White Steelback YA Hard Metal Yellow
DG 18k Pink Gold Bezel on Steel MK Plated 20M Back and Bezel Steel YR Hard Metal Black
DH 18k Pink Gold Bezel on Steel MP Plated 20M Two-Tone Yellow-Pink
DL Two-Tone Plated 20M Yellow MR Chromium-Plated Black, Bezel 20M Yellow
DM Two-Tone Plated 10M 1N14 ND Plated 20M Yellow on Steel
Omega Watch Characteristics Codes

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