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Valjoux 23 & 72 Movement Information

Rolex Valjoux 727

Valjoux 22

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The Valjoux 22 and similar Valjoux 71 are chronograph movements produced by Valjoux and later ETA for 60 years, from 1914 through 1974.

The Valjoux 22 family was originally designed for pocket watches and is thus a larger movement than is typical for those years, measuring 14 ligne or 31.3 mm. Like its smaller brother, the Valjoux 23, it is a nine-column column wheel chronograph with subsidiary seconds and a minute counter at 9 00 and 3 00, respectively. Valjoux 71 added an hour counter as well.

Valjoux 23 & 72 Base Movement

The Valjoux 23 family of chronograph movements was widely used and produced for nearly 60 years.

The Valjoux 23 family is 13 ligne in size (29.5 mm) with a nine-pillar column wheel. It is typically a two-register design, with small seconds at 9 00 and a 30- or 45-minute counter at 3 00. Flyback, calendar, moon phase, and other complications were sometimes offered as well. The well-known Valjoux 72 was a variant with three subdials, adding an hour counter at 6 00.



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