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Undervalued and underappreciated — the Breguet Watches - Part 1 - Experts Watches

Undervalued and underappreciated — the Breguet Watches - Part 1

Undervalued and underappreciated — the Breguet Hora Mundi World Time Ref. 3700BA / 129 / V6


In the realm of high horology world time watches, Patek dress watches tend to steal the spotlight. There are also some beloved options like the Overseas World Time and Andersen Geneve on the independent side of collecting, albeit to a lesser extent. However, with price tags exceeding $30k, these choices can be financially burdensome.


Fortunately, for a fraction of the price compared to other high horology timepieces, we have the Breguet Hora Mundi World Time — a 38mm yellow gold watch with a sporty design that can be acquired for less than $20k in the pre-owned market.


Sounds appealing, doesn't it? Well, there's much more that sets this watch apart. Let's delve into its unique features.


Breguet Hora Mundi World Time Ref. 3700BA / 129 / V6


A - Distinctive world time functionality through the exquisite crown


You may have already noticed that the crown is divided into two parts: (i) the inner block-shape engraved with 'BREGUET' and (ii) the beautifully adorned outer dome.


(i) The inner block shape rotates the reference cities on the outer bezel. There's no need to pull the crown out; it remains easily accessible.


(ii) The outer domed crown controls the remaining functions, such as setting the local time.


B - Multi-level dial design aka Stepped dial


How can a world time complication become even more intricate? By placing the dial sections on different planes! Observe the ring displaying the 1-24 hour markers. This ring is actually tilted at approximately a 45-degree angle, serving as a bridge between the lower plane and the upper reference cities. Such depth in an 8.7mm watch is truly remarkable.




C - Guilloche-patterned center dial


Master watchmakers employ an 18th-century rose lathe machine to intricately engrave the center dial, resembling the latitudinal and longitudinal lines encompassing the Earth. Breguet could have easily opted for a standard white dial, but they prefer to challenge themselves, and I always admire that.


D - Classic Breguet DNA


Not to mention, the watch still embodies the timeless Breguet DNA. And there famous Oscillating weight (rotor) in 18 Carats of gold.


Notably, Breguet also invented and produced the world’s first self-winding watch (the Perpétuelle) in 1780 and the world’s first wristwatch in 1810 (the Breguet No.2639, made for Caroline Bonaparte, Queen of Naples).


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